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Speech-Language Therapy Services

Memorial Regional Health offers speech-language therapy for both adults and children. Our specialized therapists help individuals with both the physical act of speaking and the cognitive act of forming words and creating language.

Our therapists create a treatment plan that’s unique to each individual’s needs. They employ a variety of techniques to improve speech and language skills and create home exercises to strengthen skills outside of therapy.

In order to see a speech-language therapist, you must first receive a referral from your primary care physician.

Pediatric Speech-Language Therapy

Our pediatric speech-language therapist works with children from birth to age 18. She uses a variety of techniques to improve speech and language skills.

If a child is not meeting speech-language milestones, receiving a speech-language evaluation and achieving treatment as soon as possible makes a substantial difference in his or her ability to grow intellectually, emotionally and socially. Our therapist aligns care with school district 504 and IEP plans with a goal to help each child “find their voice” and achieve success.

Adult Speech-Language Therapy

Certified speech-language pathologists for adults are trained to address various impairments including, but not limited to neurologic disorders, brain injury, stroke, speech and language disorders, head and neck cancer, voice disorders, dementia, and swallowing problems.

Our therapist works with adults of all ages in the hospital, outpatient rehabilitation and home health services.  A part of her regimen may include VitalStim for swallowing disorders, exercises to strengthen mouth and tongue muscles, training patient and caregivers how to communicate effectively together, and recommending specific drink and/or food textures to make swallowing safer.

Pediatric Services

Children who Commonly Benefit from Speech-Language Therapy:

  • Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Children with cleft palate and other resonance disorders
  • Children with genetic disorders, such as Downs syndrome and Fragile X
  • Children with intellectual disabilities
  • Children with learning disabilities
  • Children who have suffered from a traumatic or acquired brain injury

Services Provided:

  • Speech and language evaluations
  • Speech-sound therapy
  • Motor planning therapy
  • Expressive language therapy
  • Receptive language therapy
  • Social communication intervention
  • Fluency (including stuttering) therapy
  • Literacy intervention (this includes reading and writing)
  • Aural rehabilitation
  • Feeding therapy
  • Voice therapy
  • Cognitive therapy

Adult Services

  • Speech, language and voice evaluation
  • Swallow/dysphagia evaluation
  • Modified barium swallow study with radiologist
  • Articulation Therapy
  • Receptive Language Therapy
  • Expressive language therapy includes word finding, writing
  • Cognitive/Memory therapy
  • Voice therapy


Jenna Harrison, MA CF-SLP
Pediatric Speech-Language Therapist

Joan Parnell, MS CCC-SLP
Adult Speech-Language Therapist


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