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Transitioning from Hospital to Home

Sometimes after an illness or injury, you need a little extra help to regain strength and independence. That’s where home health services come into play. Home Health services provide a strong continuation of care from hospital discharge or nursing home discharge to recovery in the home.

Members of the Home Health team come to the home to help you manage medications, learn how to move around safely in your home, adapt daily living skills to accommodate physical needs, complete treatment plan items such as strength building, provide infusions when necessary and more. The goal of home health is to help patients regain independence by helping you get back to moving around and walking safely, so you can be out and about in the community.

An individual might receive home health services for a few weeks or for a number of months, depending on their situation. The average amount of time a person needs home health services is 60 days. Depending on your injury or illness, you might be seen once a week or multiple times a week from varying team members.

Medicaid and Medicare cover home health services, as do some private insurance companies.

Home Health Team

The Home Health team at MRH works collaboratively to ensure patients are progressing in all areas. They meet regularly as a team to discuss the best treatment approach, and continually keep your primary care provider informed on your progress and medical needs. The team consists of RNs, CNAs, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and soon, a speech therapist and a licensed clinical social worker.