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How 3D Mammography Improves Early Detection of Breast Cancer

2019-10-03T13:55:31-07:00Women's Health and OB/GYN, Your Health Articles|

By Lauren Glendenning, For Memorial Regional Health When Detected Early, the Five-Year Survival Rate for Women With Stage 0 or Stage 1 Breast Cancer Is Nearly 100 Percent Thanks to early detection, the survival rate for women with breast cancer has been steadily increasing since the 1980s. Early detection typically refers to mammograms — [...]

Women’s Health: Why Weight Loss Shouldn’t Be the Only Goal of Exercise

2019-09-24T13:16:32-07:00Women's Health and OB/GYN, Your Health Articles|

By Lauren Glendenning, For Memorial Regional Health Sept. 25 is National Women’s Health & Fitness Day While fitness can help women reach weight loss goals, it should be part of a lifestyle routine regardless of a need or desire to lose weight. Regular exercise can help with your mental health, bone health, heart health [...]

Here are the Effects Breastfeeding Has For Child and Mother

2019-08-23T15:45:07-07:00Women's Health and OB/GYN, Your Health Articles|

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month Research shows that breastfeeding is one of the healthiest things a mother can do for her baby, and it also lowers the risk of ovarian and breast cancers for mothers, as well as type 2 diabetes. Breast milk is called “liquid gold” for good reason. It provides babies [...]

Regular Check-ups, Exercise Increase Chance of Breast Cancer Survival

2017-07-20T11:35:26-07:00Women's Health and OB/GYN|

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer—any cancer—is scary. It’s hard to avoid thoughts of ‘what if,’ especially when there is a lag between diagnostic appointments or procedures. Yet breast cancer is survivable for many, and getting regular check ups increases those odds tremendously. Early detection often means early stage—and early stage means treatable. “I like to [...]