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What You Should Know About Atrial Fibrillation

2019-09-12T10:53:39-06:00Cardiology, Your Health Articles|

By Lauren Glendenning, For Memorial Regional Health September is National Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month Atrial fibrillation, commonly known as AFib, is an irregular heartbeat or arrhythmia that can lead to serious complications if not treated properly. Originating in the upper chambers of the heart, AFib can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure and [...]

Heart Health: Do You Know Your Cholesterol Levels?

2019-09-10T12:06:42-06:00Cardiology, Your Health Articles|

By Lauren Glendenning, For Memorial Regional Health Without early warning signs of high cholesterol, it’s important to talk to your primary health provider about cholesterol testing and heart disease risk While what we eat does directly influence cholesterol levels in our bodies, the foods with the most impact are not the foods that contain [...]

Give your heart some love!

2018-02-15T10:02:35-06:00Cardiology, Health Topics|

Can you take a hint? It’s Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month, so if you’ve been putting off adopting a heart healthy lifestyle until now, maybe this double nudge will get you started. It can be as easy as committing to a few new habits, and implementing them every day. Heart healthy living involves making [...]

Simple Ways to Keep your Heart Healthy


When we think of our hearts, we often consider them the engines of our bodies. They are, literally, what keeps us ticking. That’s why making sure our hearts are healthy is so important. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, and accounts for one in four deaths, according to [...]

High Cholesterol? Your Next Steps


At your last check up your doctor told you your cholesterol was high. What to do? Here are three ways to lower your cholesterol, starting today. 1. Know your risk Cholesterol acts as a transporter for fats by carrying them through your arteries and helping them build up as plaque. Plaque that lines [...]

High Blood Pressure a Common Condition as We Age


According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), one in three adults in the United States has high blood pressure, medically known as hypertension. While only 25% of men ages 35 to 44 have high blood pressure, 64% of men from age 65 to 74, do. Women suffer from the condition at similar rates, but [...]