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What Exactly Does an Internal Medicine Physician Do?

2020-09-17T11:38:03-06:00Primary Care/General Health, Your Health Articles|

By Lauren Glendenning, For Memorial Regional Health Internists Treat Adults Across a Wide Range of Health Issues A doctor who practices internal medicine is often called an internist, but what exactly does this general term mean in the medical field? “Internists are often called upon by other physicians as consultants to help solve puzzling [...]

What an Internist Does, and When You Need One

2020-09-17T11:35:10-06:00Primary Care/General Health|

Brought to you by Memorial Regional Health Everything You Need to Know About Internal Medicine Physicians You’ve likely heard the term “internist”, but perhaps you don’t understand exactly what this type of doctor does, or how he or she is different from a family medicine physician. If you are not sure, read on [...]