Geriatric Care

MRH offers comprehensive geriatric care in both Craig and Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The cornerstone of geriatric medicine right now is to look beyond the diagnosis and how to treat it, to evaluate the care of person as a whole. Our geriatric physician, Dr. Catherine Cantway, takes into consideration a patient’s wishes for how they want their treatment to progress, and especially considering how far the patient wants to go with treatments.

When working with geriatric patients, great care is taken when considering treatments that will benefit the patient rather than doing harm, investigating combinations of medications that may cause more pronounced side effects in patients of advanced age, and how body function changes as we age.

Dr. Cantway is highly trained in caring for patients as they age, from diagnosis, to cognitive care, to physical health and body mechanics.

Craig Location

Memorial Regional Health Medical Clinic
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Craig, CO 81625
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Catherine Cantway, MD
Catherine Cantway, MD
Family Medicine & Geriatric Medicine