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When to Take Your Child to Urgent Care

When to Choose Walk-in Over a Doctor’s Appointment According to a statistical brief published by the National Institutes of Health, upper respiratory infections are the number one reason parents seek same-day urgent care [...]

Well Child Checks Keep Kids Healthy

Your child might have been able to see the blackboard perfectly last spring, but is struggled this fall. Did you know that your child’s eyesight can change quickly— even over the summer? That’s just [...]

Cardiology Articles

High Cholesterol? Your Next Steps

At your last check up your doctor told you your cholesterol was high. What to do? Here are three ways to lower your cholesterol, starting today. 1. Know your risk Cholesterol acts [...]

Women’s Health and OB/GYN Articles

How to Prevent Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is one of those sneaky cancers—it doesn’t give a lot of signs that it’s around. That’s why annual check ups are so important for women. “Ovarian cancer is typically diagnosed by finding [...]

Uro-What? Urodynamics and Incontinence

Unless you or someone you know has urinary incontinence, you’ve probably never heard of the term urodynamics. It’s a common phrase used by urologists and gynecologists alike. Urodynamics simply refers to a series of [...]

When to See A Gynecologist

You know that gynecologists are specialists in women’s health, but what warrants a visit? In other words, when should you see your gynecologist rather than your regular physician besides during pregnancy? Here are some [...]

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