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Primary Care/General Health Articles

Chronic sleep problems?

You might benefit from a sleep study at Memorial Regional Health   Does your partner complain that you snore loudly? Do you awake abruptly during the night gasping for air? Do you wake up [...]

Pediatrics Articles

Play not just fun and games

Kids need active, imaginary play to develop physically, emotionally and socially   It's advice we should all take to heart, but it's especially important for kids: Get out and play. You may view play [...]

When to Take Your Child to Urgent Care

When to Choose Walk-in Over a Doctor’s Appointment According to a statistical brief published by the National Institutes of Health, upper respiratory infections are the number one reason parents seek same-day urgent care [...]

General Surgery Articles

Regular Screenings Prevent Colon Cancer

It’s reassuring to know that as long as you get recommended colon cancer screening tests you will most likely avoid colon cancer. That’s because colon cancer starts out as a benign polyp in your colon. [...]

Cardiology Articles

Give your heart some love!

Can you take a hint? It’s Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month, so if you’ve been putting off adopting a heart healthy lifestyle until now, maybe this double nudge will get you started. It [...]

Women’s Health and OB/GYN Articles

3D Mammography

When you receive a mammogram, you want to know that your results provide the clearest picture possible. No one wants to get the call that you need to go in for a second look--even [...]

Options for Breast Cancer Surgery

Most of us know someone who has been through breast cancer treatment. What you might not know is that your sister’s or best friend’s treatment choices were unique to each of them. With breast [...]

Orthopedics Articles

What to Expect with Hip Surgery

So you’ve had pain in your hip for some time. You’ve tried everything from medicines to physical therapy to walkers but it’s still interfering with your everyday movement and causing you to give up [...]

Treating Common Sports Injuries

Have you ever fallen skiing and tweaked your knee? How about stepped into a rut while running and twisted your ankle? Or maybe your injuries were on the sports field as a student athlete [...]