Well Child Checks Keep Kids Healthy

>>>Well Child Checks Keep Kids Healthy

Your child might have been able to see the blackboard perfectly last spring, but is struggled this fall. Did you know that your child’s eyesight can change quickly— even over the summer? That’s just one reason well child checks are important once-a-year events for kids.

“Kids develop and grow quickly, especially in their first eight years, so it’s important to have a variety of health checks every year,” said a pediatrician with The Memorial Hospital.

For example, it’s important to have your child’s glucose levels checked if you have a family history of diabetes. Have a picky eater? You might want to take advantage of the hemoglobin test at the annual health fair. If your daughter doesn’t eat well, she might have low iron, a sign of anemia.

“Anemia affects energy levels and makes concentrating and learning difficult. It is common in younger children because they might not eat a well-balanced diet. Adolescent girls are also prone to anemia since they are starting to get their periods,” a TMH pediatrician said.

Ever wonder if your child is growing normally? If your son is shorter than all his friends and you are worried, get his height and weight checked to ensure he is physically developing as he should.

“A well child check is thorough and comprehensive. We do a head-to-toe exam to make sure we don’t miss anything, from an abdominal mass to a heart murmur. We chart your child’s growth and development and compare it year-to-year,” a TMH pediatrician said.

Well child checks include a full physical exam and are tailored to the age and stage of your individual child. Most insurance companies, including Medicaid, cover well child checks as preventive care. Immunizations are given at well child checks and are also available at the health fair.

The TMH Medical Clinic has pediatricians and family medicine doctors who are happy to provide well child checks to your children. It’s reassuring to know they are growing as they should—and if not, what you can do to help.