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Your Baby, Your Way

Memorial Regional Health offers advanced labor and delivery services in a modern, inviting setting. Highly-trained physicians Scott Ellis  and Laura A. Cieslik and certified nurse midwife Liz Kilmer-Sterling bring the future of women’s health to Craig and the surrounding communities, using advanced equipment to guide the way, including 3-D ultrasound.

Whether you’re planning on having a baby soon and need an obstetrician or certified nurse midwife, or you need a gynecologist for preventive screenings and annual exams—you have more women’s health options than ever before.

Read a patient’s story about her experience delivering a baby at The Memorial Hospital.

MRH labor and delivery rooms are well equipped to help you deliver your baby with love and care. We provide private rooms with bathrooms, jetted tubs, a special celebration dinner and an experienced OB nursing staff. Labor and delivery is located near modern operating rooms and clinic space for convenience and ease.


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Meet our OB/GYN Physicians

Dr. Scott Ellis, DO
Dr. Scott Ellis, DO

Laura A. Cieslik, MD
Laura A. Cieslik, MD
Liz Kilmer-Sterling, RN, MSN, CNM
Liz Kilmer-Sterling, RN, MSN, CNM
Certified Nurse Midwife

What to Expect Video

What is it like to deliver at MRH ? Watch this informative video tour.

Gentle C-Sections

Memorial Regional Health is pleased to join a growing movement in the United States to make C-sections less like major surgery and more like natural birth. The result is what’s known as a gentle C-section, or family centered cesarean. The Memorial Hospital is the only hospital in the region that offers family-centered C-sections.

During a typical C-section, babies are often removed for care rather than given a chance to have skin-to- skin time with mom. An opaque curtain is placed across mom, blocking her view. In some hospitals, her hands are sometimes strapped down, making holding her baby impossible.

The hospital made little adjustments, such as replacing a regular drape with a clear one so mom can see the birth, and moving equipment to allow the baby to be placed on the mother’s chest immediately after birth, enabling her to hold her baby and even start breastfeeding.

Simply put, it makes the birth less of a surgical procedure and more of what it should be—bringing a new baby into the world.

All C-sections at MRH from here on out will be performed in this leading edge, gentler way. Memorial Regional Health is pleased to join this relatively new movement to ensure a pleasant birthing experience for moms in the region.

Tour our Birthing Center

Schedule a tour with Labor & Delivery at a convenient time for you! Call 970-824-9411 for details.

Childbirth Classes

Birthing Class calendar coming soon! For more information, contact 970-826-3270.