Play not just fun and games


Kids need active, imaginary play to develop physically, emotionally and socially   It's advice we should all take to heart, but it's especially important for kids: Get out and play. You may view play as simply kids messing around, but according to local occupational therapists, play is your child's occupation — it's what they need [...]

Learn not to burn; enjoy safe family fun in sun


Summer is right around the corner, which means a lot of fun in the sun. What's the best way to protect your kids from sunburn? As you likely know, sunburns increase your risk for skin cancer. The chance of developing melanoma nearly doubles for light-skinned children who get five or more sunburns, according to [...]

When to Take Your Child to Urgent Care


When to Choose Walk-in Over a Doctor’s Appointment According to a statistical brief published by the National Institutes of Health, upper respiratory infections are the number one reason parents seek same-day urgent care for their children. When breathing seems compromised, some choose to go to the ER instead. When upper respiratory infections—colds or flus— [...]

Keeping Kids Safe While Bike Riding


Nothing says summer for kids like whizzing down the road on a bike. Whether it’s riding to the local pool to meet a friend or to the nearby park, biking provides a taste of independence that all kids crave—and need. The challenge is knowing when your child is ready to venture off on her own. [...]

Be Diligent about Sun Protection with Kids


It’s the peak of summer and we all want to get out and soak in the rays of the sun. Enjoy the outdoors, but remember the intensity of the sun is stronger than when we were kids. That’s because ultraviolet rays penetrate our thinning atmosphere more easily, and make us more vulnerable to sun damage. [...]

Well Child Checks Keep Kids Healthy


Your child might have been able to see the blackboard perfectly last spring, but is struggled this fall. Did you know that your child’s eyesight can change quickly— even over the summer? That’s just one reason well child checks are important once-a-year events for kids. “Kids develop and grow quickly, especially in their first eight [...]