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What to Expect with Hip Surgery


So you’ve had pain in your hip for some time. You’ve tried everything from medicines to physical therapy to walkers but it’s still interfering with your everyday movement and causing you to give up your favorite activities. It’s time to consider total joint replacement surgery. Here’s what you can expect. Types of Hip Surgery [...]

Treating Common Sports Injuries


Have you ever fallen skiing and tweaked your knee? How about stepped into a rut while running and twisted your ankle? Or maybe your injuries were on the sports field as a student athlete or an adult recreation enthusiast. Most of us have been injured while playing a sport at one time in our lives, [...]

Athletic Trainer Enhances High School Sports


If you are a parent of a high school athlete in town, you’ve likely met a TMH athletic trainer. An athletic trainer is the one working one-on-one with an injured student to regain strength, or diagnosing an injury at a game. The Memorial Hospital sponsors an athletic trainer who serves the school district. Athletic trainers [...]

What to Expect with Knee Surgery


Are “bad knees” keeping you from doing the things you love to do? Maybe in the past you were an avid hiker and today you are lucky to make it around the neighborhood. If so, it may be time to consider knee surgery. “Pain that interferes with activities of daily living may mean it’s time [...]