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Art Contest Entry Form2019-02-21T14:52:25+00:00

Please drop off your artwork at the hospital concierge desk.

A. I hereby agree that my entered artwork becomes the property of Memorial Regional Health (MRH) if selected. This includes only the original work, the copyright will stay with the artist. However, in the purchase agreement with the winning artists, MRH will receive a non-exclusive license to reproduce the work and to display, publicly distribute, transmit, publish and otherwise use the copies or images of the work throughout the world. This will allow MRH to post images of the winning artworks online (as MRH has committed to in this contest) and to share the pieces with the wider public in other ways (for example, in an annual report, or publicity about the winning art, or photographs or videos where the artwork may appear on display in the background).

B. By entering the MRH Community Art Contest, and entering a work of art, I hereby agree to all of the rules and requirements of the MRH Community Art Contest, including eligibility, project specifications, entry deadlines and all other requirements, as stated by MRH in its publicized materials.

C. I certify that this is an original piece of art created by myself and only myself.