Providence Withdraws Request to Utilize Yampa Building

The historic Yampa Building, located at 775 Yampa Ave.

July 9, 2019 (Craig, Colorado).  Memorial Regional Health (MRH) Board of Trustees received notification from Providence Recovery Services (PRS) that they were withdrawing their request to utilize the Moffat County School District’s Yampa building for its addiction recovery service. In the letter, Dr. David Berry, founding partner and manager of PRS, stated that PRS will seek an alternative location for its programs.

In the letter, Dr. Berry wrote:

“Thank you for letting us explore the idea of utilizing the Yampa building. It was a generous offer by the school district. However, after much consideration, Providence Recovery would like to consider other locations for our outpatient treatment center.

From the outset, we have communicated that we want to become part of this community, and we want what is best for all parties involved. Providence is still absolutely committed to bringing this much-needed service to Craig and Moffat County, and we will continue to seek your input and support as we move forward.”

At this evening’s Special Board Meeting, Andy Daniels, Memorial Regional Health CEO, expressed his appreciation to the School District Board members and administration for their continued support and partnership. “Like MRH, your organization sees the far-reaching, multi-generational impacts of addiction. While we are disappointed that Providence will not be centrally-located on Yampa Avenue, we are confident that they have identified alternatives that will allow them to begin providing treatment for our community in the near future,” Daniels said.

MRH Responds to Letter to the Editor

June 19, 2019

We want to thank Melvin and Joan Snyder for their comments published on June 19, 2019 regarding the proposed Providence Recovery Solutions (PRS) initiative tentatively to be located at the 775 Yampa Avenue building. We also have received multiple inquiries from community members via social media and e-mail. The purpose of this communication is to address a few factually inaccurate comments and concerns circulating through various media outlets. We can only address such comments as they pertain to MRH.

First, this joint venture is not “an out-of-state firm that has no ties to our community.” This is a public-private partnership where MRH retains 50% ownership of the new corporate entity: PRS. The corporation was formed in Colorado along with two other private investors (an individual physician who was born, raised, and has current family ties to this part Colorado and another company). This new entity and public-private partnership has contracted with an out-of-state organization to help manage the services for a limited engagement and time.

Second, the information relating to, “[no-one] knows what exactly are the plans to “revamp” it to meet the needs of this out-of-state company,” may have been missed by the community. The Craig Press published the redesign of the building several months ago. The link to that publication is here: moffat-county-school-district-provide-answers-treatment-center/. The building renovations are currently projected to exceed 1.1 million dollars and are required to meet state and federal regulatory compliance.

Third, we appreciate the comment regarding the use of the old Russell Street hospital. In terms of the old hospital, before MRH decided to build the new medical office building (currently under construction), the old hospital building was fully evaluated in terms of its ability to be salvaged by an outside engineering firm. Sadly, the building is beyond its past useful life, renovation costs are prohibitive, and the engineering consultants recommended that the building be demolished. It is clearly not suitable for continued public or private use.

We have also receive communications not associated with Melvin and Joan Snyder’s letter to the editor. We hope that some of the answers below will help further explain and clarify a few misinformed themes circulating in the community:

Public Comment: MRH is collaborating with Ascension who is the largest not for profit health care system in the United States, operating in 21 states and the District of Columbia.

This statement is incorrect. Ascension Recovery Services is not affiliated with or part of Ascension Healthcare. Ascension Recovery Services is located in Morgantown, West Virginia. Ascension Recovery Services is engaged on a limited basis by PRS to help start and manage the facility. They are not owners or investors of PRS.

Public Comment: No plans have been announced related to MRH’s old hospital located at 785 Russell Street.

In 2016, MRH contracted with an engineering company to do a complete mechanical, electrical and plumbing analysis of the old hospital building prior to beginning the construction of the replacement medical office building attached to the main hospital campus. As previously stated, MRH received a recommendation that the building was not salvageable and should be demolished. This is what will ultimately happen to the building. The land will be re-zoned residential per city requirements and either donated or sold.

Public Comment: The care [drug rehabilitation] begins with an isolation period in a, drug, alcohol, and sober living facility. For a 30 or 60-day period, the client is  provided  with  only  very  limited  access  outside  the  Treatment  Center. Clients may get some limited privileges, like time to go to a park.

PRS is not a detox facility. The comments above reflect care at a detox facility. A detox facility offers significantly different services as compared to a sober living facility. PRS provides two distinct services: (1) intensive outpatient therapy along with medicated addiction therapy (MAT) that is closely monitored by medical providers, and (2) a sober living component. The entire purpose of this project and endeavor was to meet a community need pertaining to drug and alcohol substance abuse and recovery. While it is true that the “sober living” component will attract patients from outside the area, they are not relocating here permanently. These patients are coming to Craig for a respite to heal. They are not mandated by court order to achieve any treatment goals. The bulk of the services will be serving local community members on an outpatient basis. These are your neighbors, your friends, and people who live here in Craig and around Moffat County that are in need of PRS services.

Public Comment: How much has been budgeted for renovations and where does that money come from?

Estimates for renovations are currently around 1.1 million dollars. It is anticipated that a private developer will provide funds to renovate and sub-lease the building back to Providence Recovery.

Public Comment: When does the Hospitals plan to have the Treatment Center open and operating?

We assume that this comment is based on the confusion surrounding the Ascension Recovery Services and Ascension Healthcare entities. Providence Recovery has not set an exact timeline yet for being fully open. Opening is based on how fast renovations can be completed. As a conservative estimate, 8-9 months to be fully operational is a workable timeline allowing for licensing and renovations.

Public Comment: Where does the money from Providence Recovery go?

Assuming the joint venture is successful and profits exists beyond what is necessary to put back into the organization to grow it, pay for expenses and capital improvements, like any other business, profits return to the investors.

In Summary, the underlying purpose of this project was to address a local community need pertaining to drug and alcohol substance abuse and recovery. While it is true that the “sober living” component will attract patients from outside the Moffat County area, they are not relocating to Craig permanently. Indeed, these particular patients are using PRS to heal, and are not required by legal process to seek such assistance.

Most importantly, the majority of the services provided by PRS will be utilized by local community members on an outpatient basis. Hopefully, your neighbors, your friends, and community members who permanently live in Craig and around Moffat County will seek to heal in this fashion.


May 1, 2019

Dear Community Members,

On June 2nd, 2019, Memorial Regional Health will be switching our electronic medical record and billing systems to EPIC, hosted by SCL-St Mary’s. We are grateful to our partner for helping to make this change a reality for our local healthcare system. We look forward to this change for a variety of reasons. First, we will now have a single, connected electronic medical record system that can interact between our emergency department, inpatient, and outpatient clinic departments. Not only will this help with continuity of care here at our facilities, it will make it easier for St. Mary’s to have access to those records for patients that may, from time-to-time, be transferred to a higher level of care in Grand Junction. Secondly, we will have a new and much needed billing system replacement.

During this transition period, we will have some growing pains and this will not come without some frustration in the community. Let me explain:

We are starting from “scratch,” which means not bringing over old information into the new system. While our providers will have access to patient records out of the old systems, we are starting clean with new registration information and a medical new record system. This will mean that, at least for a while, we may be asking you, the patient, lots of information that you would expect that we already have. We do, but we want start clean and not bring bad data from the old system into the new system. It also means that when we “go-live,” some processes may take slightly longer as we learn, train and get used to a new system.

Secondly, we have old systems that have many accounts that will need worked out in terms of balances and statements, balance forwards, etc. This is probably the most frustrating part of this picture. You may receive some statements in the mail that say “Final Notice.” It is possible, that these are incorrect. It is also possible that you might receive one of these and have never received a first bill. There are many reasons for this, most of them technical and process related, but this is not an excuse. You did not create the problem, but unfortunately you have had to suffer with it for some time.

I want to apologize to you in advance. Candidly, we have a bit of mess to work through which is why we also do not want to “duplicate” these issues in the new system. If you receive one of those notices or something that is not correct, we are here to work through it and get it corrected. New bills out of the new system will begin shortly after June 2nd for all new claims. Old bills will come out of the old system until we get it cleaned up and cleared out. For help with your bill, please call any one of the following numbers to reach our Financial Counselors and Billing Specialists:





Andy Daniels, CEO
Memorial Regional Health

Memorial Regional Health Receives Several Recognitions of Achievement

Although patient care is always the first priority at Memorial Regional Health, achievements of excellence recognized by outside accreditation organizations is validation that MRH is reaching for the best practice models in health care.

Surgical Services at MRH was recently awarded The Certified Nurse of the Operating Room (CNOR) STRONG recognition.  The CNOR certification program is for perioperative nurses interested in improving and validating their knowledge and skills and providing the highest quality care to their patients.  “CNOR is the only accredited credentialing program for perioperative registered nurses and is considered the gold standard,” says Andy Daniels, CEO, Memorial Regional Health.  “Earning the CNOR STRONG recognition is a mark of distinction, recognition of achievement, expertise and clinical judgement.” Currently 75% of eligible perioperative RNs certified as CNORs at Memorial Regional Health.

Additionally, MRH recently learned of their International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 certification.  ISO 9001 certification is the most recognized international quality management standard. It promotes patient satisfaction through continual improvement of the management system’s effectiveness.  Memorial Regional Health’s ISO 9001 certification ensures quality and safety in the treatment of patients, helps identify and manage risks to patients, staff, and the organization, and ensures compliance with national and international legal requirements.  Memorial Regional Health is one of only three hospitals in Colorado to attain the ISO 9001 certification and is the only Critical Access Hospital in Colorado to be ISO 9001 certified.


Craig, Colorado. (October 18, 2018), Memorial Regional Health (MRH) announced today that it received accreditation through Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) for its hospice service.

Accreditation is a process through which healthcare organizations demonstrate compliance with national standards. Accreditation by ACHC reflects an organization’s dedication and commitment to meeting standards that facilitate a higher level of performance and patient care.

ACHC is a non-profit organization that has stood as a symbol of quality and excellence since 1986. ACHC is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has CMS deeming authority for hospice.

Memorial Regional Health’s Hospice service is the only service in the region to earn accreditation. “Receiving the ACHC Accreditation is really a testament to the commitment by our staff to a higher standard of care. Our Hospice team is truly one of the hardest working, most compassionate teams I’ve had the pleasure of working with,” said Kristine Cooper, director of MRH’s Hospice.

The hospice service has been offered since June of this year. MRH offers hospice care that provides end-of-life, palliative care for patients with a life-limiting condition. Our hospice care is provided by an interdisciplinary team to administer physical, psychological, spiritual and sociological care. For more information, please visit, or contact Kristine Cooper at or 970-826-2421.